[MPlayer-users] Creating and playing MPEG stll images

John Brown johnbrown105 at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 6 19:35:17 CET 2006

>From: Giacomo Comes <comes at naic.edu>

> > >From: Philip Walden <pwaldenlinux at pacbell.net>
> >
> > >I found that mpeg1 is not valid unless it is 24 or 30 fps. You need to 
> > >-ofps to something. So maybe mpeg2 has the same problem?
> >
> > Thanks for your reply.
> >
> > C:\DVD>mencoder mf://menu.jpg -mf type=jpeg:fps=30000/1001 -ovc lavc
> > -lavcopts v
> > 
> > =4/3 -of mpeg -mpegopts format=xsvcd -ofps 30000/1001 -aspect 4/3 -o
> > menu.mpg
> >
> > This did not improve the situation either...

> > Anyway, I found this in the MPlayer Docs, in the Frequently Asked 
> > (Chapter 4)
> > >
> > >MPlayer does not support DVD menus due to serious architectural
> > >limitations that prevent proper > handling of still images and 
> > >content...
> >
> > So it seems that MPlayer cannot play MPEG still images. If I increase 
> > number of frames by copying menu jpg to menu2.jpg, menu3.jpg (don't know 
> > there is an easier way), I can view it in Mlayer, but I suppose that it 
> > not an MPEG still mage anymore.
>I can confirm that mplayer can not play an mpeg with a single image. If
>the mpeg has n frames you will see the first n-2, the last two are not 

OK. What about creating still images with MEncoder? When MS Media Player 
plays my MPEG still images, it appears to loop them, but when it plays the 
demo still image (I do not know how it was created) the current position 
never changes. Do I need to worry about this difference in behaviour? After 
all, the MPEG still that I created using mjpegtools also appears to loop 
indefinitely, but it worked when I burned the SVCD. Can you say whether 
MEncoder can create legal MPEG still images for use as SVCD menus?

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