[MPlayer-users] neomagic and dga mode

Savchenko Andrew Bircoph at list.ru
Sat Aug 12 22:55:24 CEST 2006

> Hello !
> I'm using a neomagic card NM2160 12XD. I rode that the dga mode is
> very good with my graphic card and mplayer. I use XV, but a -vo dga,
> in root mode, don't work.

Afaik, dga development is abandoned in mplayer now. Dga was considered 
obsolete :-(. (Look at man & DOCS/tech/MAINTAINERS). Even with latest 
svn picture flickers in dga mode (while ancient mplayer 0.90 forks fine 
in dga). 

So, try to use another vo: cvidix, xvidix or directfb seems to be rather 
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