[MPlayer-users] old computer

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 16:48:19 CEST 2006


On 8/4/06, Thibaud HULIN <hulin.thibaud at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> Hello !
> I tempt to read a divx with an old computer. I search how to launch mplayer and install it to work it.
> I success to read a divx without sound, but with alsa, it's a little slow to watch a film.

Did you try with oss emulation of alsa?

> My configuration :
> Dell Latitude CP MMX 233 ST, 233 Mhz, 64 Mo RAM... !
> NeoMagic NM2160 128XD, 2 Mb
> ISA Crystal 4237B
> 64 Mo RAM must be sufficiently, as do geexbox...
> For the processor, it's a little difficult ; but it could work with a perfect configuration...
> Any suggestions ?

You should try to play with lavdopts
Not quite too sure what options exist for MPEG4, but it's all I can
think of to improve speed.

Conditional branch execution in SIMD vector processors are patented! :
All ASM SIMD code writers are outlaws!

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