[MPlayer-users] Re: divx 6

Matthias Wieser mwieser at gmx.de
Fri Apr 28 20:20:41 CEST 2006

Rich Felker wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 27, 2006 at 03:24:04AM +0200, Matthias Wieser wrote:
> > > ...there's a bit more, though: I haven't mentioned qns. qns=2 makes
> > > sharp high-contrast edges in encoded material look much better, but
> > > slows down the encoding process dramatically.
> >
> > Much better? The doom9 comparison showed that lavc had problems with
> > fine details. But high-contrast edges were no problem for any of the
> > codecs.
> There were two reasons for this: testing fallacies which doom9 refused
> to acknowledge,

Haha! Which ones?
It's your turn to produce a lavc encode with the known options (1) that 
looks better than xvid (and is faster, too).

(1) vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=560:mbd=2:mv0:trell:cbp:precmp=2:cmp=2:subcmp=2:\

> and bugs. During the test bugs were discovered both in 
> lavc and xvid. The lavc bugs were quality issues.

And this bug made lavc look worse than xvid and made it several times slower 
than xvid or divx? NOT.

> > > - if you enable most high-quality options, lavc can look as good as
> > > XviD but encodes much more slowly
> >
> > Probably right. But do you have any proove for "as good"?
> > Does lavc support gmc?
> gmc is intentionally not supported because it's an idiotic feature.

Stressed? [...]

> It 
> makes streams that are MUCH slower to decode and does not improve
> quality measurably.

It can improve quality and for many cases it does not matter if decode CPU 
utilization is 5% or 30%.

> > Does it support (a usability feature) like cartoon
> > mode?
> WTF does "supporting cartoon mode" mean? I don't see "cartoon mode"
> mentioned in the ISO MPEG-4 spec anywhere.

man mplayer

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