[MPlayer-users] Re: Adding subtitles to .mpg for DVD

Reshat Sabiq sabiq at csociety.org
Wed Apr 26 02:03:15 CEST 2006

Reshat Sabiq <sabiq <at> csociety.org> writes:

> I'd appreciate any tips on how to make mencoder encode the subtitled .mpg 
> as close to the original as possible, so that i played on Windows as well.
> Thanks.
FYI, i've tried -oac lavc|mp3lame -ovc lavc, and so far get codec failures. -oac
copy -ovc copy works, but then there are no subtitles.

Also, even the original .mpg fails to play on the 2nd windows machine saying i
don't have MPEG-2 decoder:
I guess i will start fixing all this by upgrading it on this box.

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