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Mate Szabolcs fixer at freemail.hu
Mon Apr 24 14:36:49 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Nowadays, I plan to buy a desktop DivX player. In my hometown, I can 
buy some more valued one for 25-30k HUF (~$110-140) with DTS. The 
others got some disadvantages no DTS decoder, no QPEL support, 
some subtitle support is missing and so on...so I made the decision, I 
would build a HTPC (Home Theatre PC) based on linux and mplayer of 
course. The price will bigger, but I plan to upgrade my PC also, so 
the "old" HW parts should go to the HTPC.

Do you have some experiences/idea/hint according this issue with 
mplayer? Is mplayer support DTS decoding (my sound card is 5.1 ready, 
and I have got a 5.1 sound system with amplifier, without DTS decoder)
Is mplayer support DVD menus? How could I check it?

I have checked the MythTV and Freevo projects, but unfortunately, I 
didn't found any information about DVD menus and DTS.

Thanks for your answers!

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