[MPlayer-users] How to identify missing video-codec?

Piotr Stachura albert1 at autocom.pl
Tue Apr 18 21:01:25 CEST 2006

Dnia wtorek, 18 kwietnia 2006 16:38, Bernt Christandl napisał:
> When i try one of those mplayer starts (see below) complaining
> that it can't find a useful video-codec, but it does find a useful
> audio-codec...

> MOV track #0: 557 chunks, 3337 samples
> MOV: Found unknown movie atom avcC (43)!
> MOV: Found unknown movie atom colr (18)!
> Image size: 480 x 260 (24 bpp)
> Display size: 480 x 260
> Fourcc: avc1  Codec: 'H.264'

As you can see here, video codec is H.264. This format is newer than your pre4 
mplayer so decoder isn't there included. Upgrage software and everything 
should be played smoothly :D
Piotr Stachura

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