[MPlayer-users] A-V sync problem of mplayer

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Fri Apr 14 12:12:14 CEST 2006

David Jacques wrote:
> Hello, every one!
>   I'm newbie here. I also get the A-V sync problem, but the situtation is a
> little different.
>   The background is that I want to receive multicast video program from my
> video server with mplayer. Because the send packet size is 15k(decided
> during the design stage), I modified the STREAM_BUFFER_SIZE in
> ~/libmpdemux/stream.h to be 15000 in stead of its original value 2048. Only
> this modification.
>   But now when I receive the program, the audio seems always step faster
> than video, at first, a-v is about -0.8xxx, and about 10 minutes or an hour
> later, it would be 1.xxx, and then it would print messages like "Too many
> video packets in the buffer" or "Stream not seekable" and stop with still
> image on screen, to summarise,
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> parameters              last time                                msg
> autosync 30 mc 10       about 10 minutes               Too many video
> packets in the buffer
> autosync 30 mc 0        about 70 minutes               Stream not seekable
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   I've just tried the updated CVS version at 060411, still the same
> phenomenon. I'm not sure whether my modification affects the behavior of
> mplayer. I think it's only related to the recv buffer size. Can anybody give
> me suggestions? Thank you very much!

what kind of content/format is it?

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