[MPlayer-users] Bug 1 of 2: MKV fast forward doesn't work correctly - Mac OS X 10.3.9

Alexander Strange astrange at ithinksw.com
Fri Apr 14 08:09:48 CEST 2006

On Apr 14, 2006, at 2:02 AM, Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
>> Like I said it happens with ALL and ANY mkv files.
> All of them work just fine on my machine (debian-based x86-64), and
> they have always been. Seeking is fast and accurate. No problem
> whatsoever.
> The problem _may_ be with Mac OS X, but if it's the case, you're all
> alone: few ppl on the core team have that setup thus, it's hard for
> them to reproduce the problem and fix it.
> Guillaume

I'm pretty sure this problem occured on all platforms when the audio  
delay patch was added, but Corey fixed the bug shortly afterwards and  
seeking started working again in mkv for me, on OS X.

Maybe you should make sure you're completely up to date and distclean/ 
re-configure/build from scratch?

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