[MPlayer-users] system-wide libdvdcss?

Raphael mencoder at lesshaste.plus.com
Mon Apr 3 15:08:30 CEST 2006

Alexander Roalter wrote:
> Rashkae wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 10:20:52AM +0200, Alexander Roalter wrote:
>>> RC wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 22:11:52 -0400
>>>> William Norfleet <williamnorfleet2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>>> Encrypted VOB file! Read DOCS/HTML/en/cd-dvd.html.
>>>> Yes, quite possibly a bug in libdvdcss/libdvdread.  Obviously, there's
>>>> one good way for you to find out...
>>> Although it looks like a decryption problem, with Sony DVDs you 
>>> might also encounter their other copy protection mechanism, more and 
>>> more to be found on newer Sony DVDs. OGLE handles them correctly, 
>>> but mplayer doesnt. Ogle also uses system-wide dvdcss, but also 
>>> information from dvdnav (IIRC), an I think this should also go into 
>>> mplayer (not the navigation itself, but the ability to play one 
>>> title according to the cell commands)
>> Can Ogle extract the video stream from a dvd, like mplayer -dumpstream?
> Not to my knowledge, unfortunately (although I only played a bit with 
> it to see if the DVDs were played correctly) it always uses the 
> DVDnavigation mode, so I'm not sure how to get it to play title 1 or 
> so..., and I'm also more at a loss as how to dump the stream.
> The situation gets worse and worse every DVD. With the 3 missing 
> Seinfeld Seasons I'm absolutely sure they'll have this CP, and other 
> DVDs from Sony also have these (last I found was Layer Cake, 
> unfortunately nowhere mentioned on the cover/backcover).
Although I understand this is no consolation to linux users there are 
numerous windows tools for playing DVDs with all kinds of protection. 
The reason this is interesting even if you don't use windows is that it 
indicates that it is at least technically possible.  Maybe if an mplayer 
dev became interested ...

Read the list of features at http://www.dvdidle.com/dvd-region-free.htm  
for example. (Some of the tools are free I believe.)


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