[MPlayer-users] Bug 2 of 2: -framedrop gives lots of error messages with h264 - Mac OS X 10.3.9

Ergzay ergzay at everyoneproductions.com
Mon Apr 3 00:11:06 CEST 2006

On 2006/04/02, at 18:00, Nick Rout wrote:

> On Sun, 2 Apr 2006 17:54:04 -0400
> Ergzay wrote:
>>> Just follow the list.
>> Good grief you ppl are anal.
> Good grief you really know how to get the best out of people who are
> unpaid and are just trying to make the world a better place, in their
> own time.

Sorry about that comment. That was a little much. Was getting a little 
pissed after trying to give info and no one telling me anything 
specific as many other people get by without doing full bug reports.


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