[MPlayer-users] Live Audio Switching, Left/Right/Stereo via -af channels=xxxx

Ow Mun Heng Ow.Mun.Heng at wdc.com
Sun Apr 2 01:40:33 CEST 2006

On Sat, 2006-04-01 at 15:11 -0800, RC wrote:
> On Sat, 01 Apr 2006 23:03:08 +0800
> Ow Mun Heng <Ow.Mun.Heng at wdc.com> wrote:
> > Now, can this sort of switching be done via a shortcut-key?
> Nope.
> MPlayer doesn't like things to change on-the-fly.  It takes ugly hacks
> for the little bit of on-the-fly changes it's able to do now
> (ie. resolution, audio channel, etc.)

Now that is really a shame. Sigh.

Okay, then the other question would be, *is* there any other software in
Linux which will do that?

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