[MPlayer-users] How to tell how far through you are

Raphael mencoder at lesshaste.plus.com
Sat Apr 1 16:00:25 CEST 2006

Nico Sabbi wrote:
> Raphael wrote:
>>> _______
>> I don't know where to seek to. The point is that I would like to skip 
>> through it until I hear the recorded program change.    If I do -idx 
>> -ss then I will have to either very lucky to find roughly the right 
>> place or do a binary search to find the right place.  If I try to 
>> skip with the right arrow I lose the timing info again.
>> Raphael
> maybe you want the byte position in the stream to seek to  using -sb
> ________

Sorry I am clearly not explaining myself well. I don't know where in the 
file I want to chop it. I want to browse through it by skipping along 
and then note down the position. The file is 13 hours long so I really 
don't want to sit there fore 13 hours listening to it. I can then use 
that information to do the chopping. -ss and -sb don't help me solve 
this problem unless I use them as part of  some sort of binary search 

What mplayer could do for me is correctly keep track of the position as 
I skip through it with the right arrow. Sadly it doesn't at present even 
with -idx.

I have ended up converting it to mp3 and working with that.


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