[MPlayer-users] gif fourcc

James Warden d_werdan at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 29 18:41:21 CEST 2005

no, that's not the problem. Whether I have one
codecs.conf file or not, it still doesn't work. Other
players have the same difficulty (xine, vlc). The
movie file is a quicktime/mov . If it can help, here
is the mplayer message display :

Playing Fullfull.mov.
Cache fill:  0.02% (1574 bytes)    QuickTime/MOV file
format detected.
MOV track #0: 1 chunks, 0 samples
MOV: Found unknown movie atom Allocated 256 entries
for palette
Loading palette from file
Image size: 2 x 2 (8 bpp)
Display size: 2 x 2
Fourcc: gif   Codec: 'GIF'
MOV: longest streams: A: #-1 (0 samples)  V: #0 (1
VIDEO:  [gif ]  2x2  8bpp  15.000 fps    0.0 kbps (
0.0 kbyte/s)
vo: X11 running at 1680x1050 with depth 16 and 16 bpp
(":0" => local display)
Cannot find codec matching selected -vo and video
format 0x20666967.
Read DOCS/HTML/en/codecs.html!

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