[MPlayer-users] tfileds Video filter

Rich Felker dalias at aerifal.cx
Thu Sep 29 17:26:59 CEST 2005

On Thu, Sep 29, 2005 at 09:46:05AM +0200, Marco Gusy wrote:
> Alle 00:44, giovedì 29 settembre 2005, Rich Felker ha scritto:
> > Doh, maybe I forgot to document it! The second param is field
> > dominance. -1=auto, 0=top-first, 1=bottom-first. Auto only works if
> > the decoder exports that info and no other filters are loaded first
> > that discard that info.
> Good! Thanks. By the way, why isn't it intended to work with mplayer? I think 

Because MPlayer's design is too primitive to support it. MPlayer is
based on the principle that each decoded frame translates into at most
one frame to be displayed, and the timing is entirely controlled from
the decoding end. This means that when tfields generates two frames
for each "frame" of input (actually 2 fields that don't belong
together), MPlayer has no idea how to time displaying them. Depending
on the vo driver, it may not display one of them at all, or it may
display the second one much sooner or later than it should, resulting
in choppy video.

> it's the best way of deinterlacing (it's the same principle of televisions, 
> so it's truely how deinterlacing should be done). 

Most definitely! But making MPlayer work well with it will require
either a fancy hack (not out of the question) or a huge redesign of
the whole timing system.

> I really like tfileds!



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