[MPlayer-users] ssa reader for mplayer using vf_overlay

Robert Henney robh at rut.org
Thu Sep 29 09:51:26 CEST 2005

> feature), but i'm certainly interested in any feedback you might have
> with vf_overlay itself, such as any bugs you've run into or features you
> find you need as a developer using it.

two other observations.

on at least one of my machines, between the time the overlay is first
made visible and the time 0x20 is written to the lock byte, the overlay
shows lots of green garbage.  for most apps that make use of an overlay
this is probably a non-issue, as the first write would likely be make at
the same time if not before the overlay is made visible.  i only noticed
it because i enable the overlay immediately at the start, and only make
the first writes when the subtitles start appearing (which can be a
while).  for my purposes i can solve it in my app just by writing the
0x20 to the lock byte right after starting at the same time i'm setting
the overlay to be visible.

ok, now for an odd one.  If the slave command get_time_pos is sent while
mplayer is paused, the video starts playing again.  while I think this
may be an mplayer bug, something interesting occurs if the overlay
happens to be visible.  the video plays extremely jumpy.  to get rid of
the jumpyness, one needs only hit space twice to re-pause and then
continue playing.  could vf_overlay be maintaining a state during pause
mode that it doesn't get out of because the unpause was caused by an
irregular event it might not have heard?


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