[MPlayer-users] ssa reader for mplayer using vf_overlay

Fredrik Eriksson feffese at yahoo.se
Wed Sep 28 17:59:32 CEST 2005

Robert Henney wrote:

>I've written a small demonstration of how the vf_overlay filter in
>mplayer can be used to display SSA subtitles from an external reader.
>I've been wanting to improve the SSA support in mplayer, and this seemed
>like a good stepping stone method.  Once this project is much further
>along and once I'm more familiar with the mplayer internals I may
>attempt a merge it into the mplayer source.
>The source compiles and runs here, but it probably won't elsewhere
>without some modification, so be prepared.  And even after it compiles
>it will break under many circumstances.  I've only had chance to test it
>with a handful of scripts.
>source is over at http://rut.org/mpssa/
>just grab mpssa-20050928.tar.gz since it contains all the other files in
>that directory
wow... I gave up after reading the readme, this seems a bit too 
complicated and weird to me, but I do appreciate that you make an effort 
in getting a nice subtitle engine, I've been waiting for that for years.

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