[MPlayer-users] JPEG to MPEG2

Alexandre CONRAD aconrad.tlv at magic.fr
Mon Sep 26 13:22:05 CEST 2005


After reading the doc, I just can't find out how to encode a JPEG file 
to an MPEG-2 file using mencode. I guess all these options are confusing 
my mind.

I want to encode a single JPEG file to an MPEG-2 video file. But I want 
to display the picture for 10 seconds.

So what would you recommand ?
- Encode a single JPEG into an MPEG-2 video file (the jpeg is encoded 
250 times to stuff the mpeg during 10 seconds) ?
- Encore a single JPEG into a single framed MPEG-2 and have a trick with 
mplayer to loop the file during 10 seconds (or pause on the 1st frame 
for 10 seconds).

I don't know what are all the capabilities of mplayer.

Also, I'm outputing on VESA. So when I'm trying to read a single MPEG2 
frame, by the time mplayer changes screen resolution (my screen blacks 
out), the video is already finished. And mplayer -loop XX 1frame.mpg 
won't help because screen resolution is changed everytime.

I have an advanced playlist system (with time scheduling and much more) 
that I'm trying to adapt to make it work with mplayer (just by using 
command lines, I'm not a C programmer).

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