[MPlayer-users] Compile : bug report

Phil Oleynik Oleynik.Phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Sun Sep 25 11:04:20 CEST 2005

Julien Lancien wrote:

>>This may mean you have either bad assembler or gcc. Tell us please, what
>>of gcc you have, what are your architecture, etc. As written in man on
>>bugreports submitting.
>Mplayer, FFmpeg, x264 have all be downloaded today by CVS. I copied
>libav* dirs from FFMpeg to Mplayer dir.
>I got the following compile error:
>In file included from libpostproc/postprocess.c:655:
>libpostproc/postprocess_template.c: In function `dering_MMX2':
>libpostproc/postprocess_template.c:1186: error: can't find a register
>in class `GENERAL_REGS' while reloading `asm'
>make[1]: *** [libpostproc/postprocess.o] Error 1
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/jlancien/tmp/main/libavcodec'
>make: *** [libavcodec/libavcodec.a] Error 2
>I tried to disable mmx, mmx2, 3dnow and 3dnowex. I always got the same
>error: can't find a register in class `GENERAL_REGS' while reloading
>Is there a workaround I can make, like recompile gcc or something like
>that. I'ld like to get a version of mplayer running. Thanks.
I cannot reproduce your error, though I use quite the same system.
The same compiler, glibc and a little newer kernel, running on P-III,
not P-IV as you do. Possibly there are reasons not in a field of deep
structural problems. Try to remove or add empty lines after asm directive.
If it does not help - your task is to remove all quotes and tabs (and
everything like \n \t \r)  from assembler code. This will take about 30
minutes, but will make you an owner of working code;)
I know it may sound strange, my advices, however the problem I cannot
reproduce whatever I do, makes me feel that it is not mplayer's issue,
but gcc or binutils.


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