[MPlayer-users] Slow playback of x264 video in mkv

Fredrik Eriksson feffese at yahoo.se
Sat Sep 24 20:25:57 CEST 2005

Jeff Clagg wrote:

>On Sat, Sep 24, 2005 at 11:47:15AM +0200, Fredrik Eriksson wrote:
>>mkvmerge doesn't support h264 in avi
>Yes it does.

$ mkvmerge -o koikoi7.intro.x264.mkv --vtracks 0 --noaudio 
mkvmerge v1.5.6 ('Breathe me') built on Sep 23 2005 21:50:08
'koikoi7.intro.x264.avi': Using the AVI demultiplexer. Opening file. 
This may take some time depending on the file's size.

Error: 'koikoi7.intro.x264.avi' track 0: You are trying to put AVC/h.264 
video from an AVI or a similar VfW (Video for Windows) compatible source 
into a Matroska file in the so-called 'VfW compatibility mode'. Please 
note that this is not the official way to store AVC/h.264 video in 
Matroska. Therefore proper playback of such files cannot be guaranteed, 
and we strongly urge you to use the native Matroska-mode.
At the moment mkvmerge does not support converting from VfW-mode 
AVC/h.264 tracks to native Matroska-mode AVC/h.264 tracks. You can, 
however, first import the video track into a MP4 file with e.g. 'MP4Box' 
(use Google). Then you can use mkvmerge and put the video into a 
Matroska file.
If you're trying to get AVC/h.264 from an AVI into Matroska then the 
commands you need to use are:
 avi2raw avc.avi raw.264
 mp4box -fps 23.976 -add raw.264 avc.mp4

If you really know what you are doing then you can force mkvmerge to put 
this AVC/h.264 track into a Matroska file even in VfW mode if you add 
'--engage allow_avc_in_vfw_mode' to the command line. You can do that in 
mmg with the 'Add command line options' menu entry in the 'Muxing' menu.

adding "--engage allow_avc_in_vfw_mode" to the command line creates a 
broken file, so there is no point in doing that. But that is beside the 
point, what I want to know is why the video, that plays fine from the 
mp4 container, doesn't work in the mkv container in mplayer, while it 
can be played just fine with zoomplayer in cccp.

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