[MPlayer-users] Slow playback of x264 video in mkv

Fredrik Eriksson feffese at yahoo.se
Sat Sep 24 11:47:15 CEST 2005

Guillaume POIRIER wrote:

>On 9/24/05, Fredrik Eriksson <feffese at yahoo.se> wrote:
>>So, I created a x264 video with mplayer using the following command:
>>mencoder-cvs -dvd-device koikoi7.dvd2.real.iso dvd://1 -chapter 1-1
>>-ofps 24000/1001 -vf pullup=::::1:,softskip,hqdn3d=4:2:2 -nosound -ovc
>>x264 -of rawvideo -x264encopts
>>-o koikoi7.intro.x264.h264
>>then I muxed the video to a mp4 container:
>>MP4Box -fps 23.976 -add koikoi7.intro.x264.h264 koikoi7.intro.x264.mp4
>>the video plays just fine with mplayer-cvs, with about 20% CPU usage.
>>But then I mux it to a mkv container:
>>mkvmerge -o koikoi7.intro.x264.mkv --timecodes 1:timecode.tmc --vtracks
>>1 koikoi7.intro.x264.mp4 -a 0 koikoi7.intro.audio.ogg
>>now the video playback is too slow and jaggy, the audio gets quickly out
>>of sync, although the CPU usage is about the same as with the mp4 file.
>>I tried the file on my laptop, and the special build of ffmpeg included
>>in CCCP (http://cccp.kickassanime.org/) could play the file just fine,
>>so it's most likely not a problem with the file.
>>does anyone know what the problem might be?
>I don't think I have ever used the option "--timecodes
>1:timecode.tmc". try to remove it and see what happens. Also, even if
>Matroska people do not encourage it, it's possible to convert AVI ->
>MKV. You should try that.
trust me I've tried ;)
mkvmerge doesn't support h264 in avi, it says it has to be converted to 
a mp4 file first. And I have to use timecodes to get the right 
framerate, the output of mencoder as well as the mp4 file has framerate 
23.976, but when I convert it to mkv without --timecodes it will be 
23.965 for no apparent reason. This is the only way I've been able to 
convert h264 video to mkv.

Fredrik Eriksson

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