[MPlayer-users] Expand to display-corrected aspect

Jason Tackaberry tack at sault.org
Wed Sep 21 04:52:32 CEST 2005

I'd like to expand to an aspect ratio that takes into account the
display ratio and compensates for that.

For example, if I have a video whose frame size is 720x354 with an
aspect of 2.41, the display size of that movie is 854x354.  I would like
to expand this video such that its display size is 4:3, not the frame
size.  This means what I want is:

   expand width = 720 (native frame width)
   expand height = 354 * 2.41 / (4/3) = 640

So for this video, I want -vf expand=720:640.  The frame will be
expanded to this size, and scaled to 854:640 by hardware (which is 4:3).
-vf expand=:::::3/4 doesn't work, as it makes the frame size itself 4:3
and doesn't take into account the display size.  So for this example,
-vf expand=:::::3/4 would expand to 720:540, which would then get scaled
to 854x540 (which is not 1.33:1).

Does anyone know the required incantation to enchant MPlayer into


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