[MPlayer-users] Extracting data from video files (quicktime)

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Fri Sep 16 21:20:26 CEST 2005

Fabio S. wrote:

>>> I mean this: with pictures taken with a digital camera (even the
>>> Sanyo Xanti C5, which is something hybrid), using exif I get many
>>> data about the shot (date, focal length, exposure, and so on). On
>>> the other side, the Sanyo stores somewhere and somehow inside the
>>> mp4 file some info, like date and length (but much less than exif
>>> info stored for a picture). It is not in exif format and I have
>>> not been able to guess how to see this info. Yet it is there,
>>> somewhere, because I can see it in the camera, selecting "File
>>> info".
>> I would start a new thread asking about extracting this info. Maybe
>> then someone who knows will actually read the mail and have an
>> answer for you.
> So, the question is: how do I excract recording data (in particular,
> registration date) from a file x.mp4 saved by a Sanyo Xanti C5 which
> is, if I am not wrong, in quicktime format?

Just so you know, this didn't in fact start a new thread. All you've
done was to change the Subject line on an existing thread.

If you hit Reply to an existing message, then you do not start a new
thread. The only way to start a new thread is to create a new message
directly, and enter such things as the E-mail address yourself.

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