[MPlayer-users] mplayer on amd 64

Antonio tritemio at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 17:04:50 CEST 2005


2005/9/12, Alejandro Vargas <alejandro.anv at gmail.com>:
> Ubuntu is bases on Debian, and Debian does not handle the 32 and 64
> bits in the same machine very well. You will need to create a x32root,
> place there all the shared objetcs and conrigurations i.e.
> /x32root/etc /x32root/lib, etc. and run your 32 bits programs in a
> chroot environment.
> I there are better soulutions but involves changing many other things.

Humm ... interesting. These seems to me nice solution to mix 32bit
binaries in my system keeping them separated from the base system. To
easily install all the needed dependencies I can install a minimal
system and then let APT to solve them for me (so I can compile
mplayer). After that using chroot should be quite straightforward.

I was thinking to call mplayer via chroot with a little bash script to
use under X. Can this configuraton work with gl2 video output? Is
there any performance issue, apart from the ram needed for the 32bit
libraries? I ask this because chroot seems to me a bit magic... I
haven't used it apart for some system maintenance.

But if someone of you will say that it will work, I'll trust him ;-).
And I will try this way ASAP.

Many thanks,

  ~ Antonio

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