[MPlayer-users] Interlaced NTSC -> PAL DVD

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 12:06:45 CEST 2005


On 9/10/05, Zoltan Boszormenyi <zboszor at dunaweb.hu> wrote:
> Hi,
> here is the situation: my neighbour has a MiniDV camera
> that he bought when he was in Canada. The camera obviously
> produces NTSC interlaced material.
> He asked me to create DVDs from his recordings but
> since we are in Hungary, I would like to make PAL DVDs.
> This script produced visible interlaced artifacts:
> dvgrab --format raw --frames 0 --size 0 film.dv
> ffmpeg -f dv -i film.dv -target dvd -b 3000 -ab 224 -s pal film.mpg
> Note, the target is "dvd", not "pal-dvd". Is it a problem?
> The resolution given is "pal". How can I convert the NTSC
> frame rate to PAL frame rate? The video and audio bitrates
> were chosen so three one-hour recordings fit on one DVD.
> When I gave option "-deinterlace" to ffmpeg, it created
> an MPEG2 file that looked good for viewing on the computer.
> Then I tried to make a DVD from this file, but replaying
> wasn't too smooth. However replaying the plain MPEG2 file
> was very smooth. Replaying those MPEG2 files that I converted
> without "-deinterlace" were smooth on both DVD and plain
> but had interlaced artifacts.
> Unfortunately, the original DV file is now deleted and
> the DV casette is overwritten, too. So, how can I create
> a PAL DVD conforming MPEG2 file from this de-interlaced
> MPEG2 file?
> Please, suggest an ffmpeg command line, so the NTSC DV
> source is converted correctly to PAL resolution and frame rate
> in one go

Sorry Pal, but this is mplayer-users ML! . Maybe this doc could come
in handy for you:

> I used DVDStyler from http://dvdstyler.sourceforge.net to
> create the DVD menu and file system, for replaying I used
> Xine if it's important. For the conversion, I used the RPMs
> from freshrpms.net, compiled from src.rpm files, e.g.
> ffmpeg-0.4.9-0.2.20050427.2.fc4.x86_64

Reading doesn't hurt, really!
 -- Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski

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