[MPlayer-users] Consistent mencoder AV Sync problems

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at fastwebnet.it
Tue May 31 15:43:17 CEST 2005

>Unfortunately, my Alsa install is 1.0.5a as this is what comes with
>Slackware 10.0.  As I despise Alsa I can never get it to compile and
>configure properly if I make the slightest change to it I have chosen
>to leave it alone.  But, additionally, I have tested the old encodes
>and they work fine.  If I tap three times on the '-' key I get a
>noticeably out of sync playback.  Whatever is going on is in my
>mencoder behaviour in my current setup, rather than in mplayer, which
>oddly seems to be working just fine.  I am beginning to suspect that
>there is something hinky going on with Slack 10.0.

if you are sure it's a bug in mencoder you can help to spot it.
Can you backtrack your mencoder version until you find the oldest one 
that shows this behaviour, please?


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