[MPlayer-users] [POLL] RAM and streamed RM (realplayer) files

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg at gmail.com
Thu May 26 15:00:25 CEST 2005


On 5/26/05, Nico Sabbi <nsabbi at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
> >Hi there,
> >Some web sites features links to streamed content as a RAM file, such
> >as: http://www.tv-radio.com/ondemand/france_inter/HISTOIRE/HISTOIRE20050526.ram
> >This kind of file is in fact just a link to a RTSP stream, like:
> >rtsp://a1977.v107971117109424.c10797.g.vr.akamaistream.net/ondemand/7/1977/10797/1117109424/franceinter.download.akamai.com/10797/france_inter/HISTOIRE/HISTOIRE20050515.rm
> use -playlist in front of the url.

D'oh! That was too damn simple... Thanks!

> In theory it's possible to associate .ram to DEMUXER_TYPE_PLAYLIST,
> but I'm afraid some broadcaster confuse .rm (the mux format)
> and .ram (the textual url above).

Could mplayer auto-switch to the appropriate demuxer if it detects
that the file is a playlist or a multimedia file?
If it's hard to implement, just don't bother, now I know how to handle
those files, and should probably add a FAQ entry (should I have the
time to do so).


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