[MPlayer-users] DVD subtitles and gmplayer

Raul Benavente raul.bena at gmail.com
Wed May 25 14:39:59 CEST 2005


First congratulations for mplayer, Its wonderfull, but I have a bit
problen when extracting subtitles from dvds, someone has asked it
before, but I dont see it very clear...


I have the same problem, the dvd ifo report to have 6 subtitles but
there are 12 subtile tracks to select using -sid, the first problem I
have is that the gmplayer menu only show 6 tracks, not all.

Ok, that is not very important, I still can play that subtitles with
mplayer -sid n, but I dont know hat language is in each sid, so I have
to extract all and test, what is not very scriptable (I need
programming a bit).

My question... How can I know how many real subtitle tracks there are
and what are theris languages?

I allready use libdvdread, but the ifo structure only reports the 6 of
the ifo, Can I use dvdread to fetch correct information (12 subtitles
and laguages)?

Thanks a lot.  Another think... do you think that the subtitle code
will change in near future versions of mplayer?

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