[MPlayer-users] how to play subtitles embedded in AVI files

Alexander Noe' alexander.noe at s2001.tu-chemnitz.de
Fri May 20 23:38:33 CEST 2005

The Wanderer wrote:

 >> AVI-Mux GUI
 > Oh, is *that* the culprit?

Probably. Wait till you get reports about mplayer not playing
low-overhead-mode files ;)

> Depending on exactly what you mean by "allows" (i.e. how the program
> tries to enforce the limitation), however, it's very simple to avoid
> such a restriction; in the simplest type of enforcement, it should
> theoretically be possible to stick the entire plain-ASCII King James
> Bible in there if you just stick a .ssa or .srt suffix on the end. If
> anything remotely like *that* is possible

It is not, at least not in avi-mux gui, because it doesn't give a shit
to the file name extension. You know, in order to split or join files
with subtitles it has to reprocess the subtitle anyway (in case of
SSA joining, it even has to redo the style definitions)

> , then putting another type of
> subtitle file in there ought to be trivial.


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