[MPlayer-users] -idx, odml and big files

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Fri May 20 09:06:42 CEST 2005

Same problem for me since pre07 !

> Hi,
> to be able to seek in every file, I'd like to always start mplayer with
> the
> -idx option. The man page tells me, that this will create an index if
> there
> is no one found. This does not seem to work for big files produced by
> newer
> versions (1.0pre7) of mencoder. This applies to movies recorded from TV or
> "fixed" with "mencoder -idx -oac copy -ovc copy".
> I thought that would be a problem of big files with odml index in general,
> so
> I tried that with other big files which caused no problem.
> Back to the mencoder generated files:
> Adding more -v to the mplayer command leads to the following output:
> ChunkID mismatch! raw=ú·Á idx=00dc
> s->pos=1AF3E800  newpos=1AF40800  new_bufpos=1AF40ADC  buflen=0
> ChunkID mismatch! raw=éÍvJ idx=00dc
> s->pos=1AF41000  newpos=1AF43000  new_bufpos=1AF43100  buflen=0
> ChunkID mismatch! raw=Kê idx=00dc
> s->pos=1AF43800  newpos=1AF45000  new_bufpos=1AF45744  buflen=0
> ...and the video never really plays. There is also no sound.
> If doing Ctrl-C, it always seem to stop in demux_open.
> All this would be no real problem: Just start mplayer without -idx, try if
> seeking is possible, perhaps start mplayer without -idx. (I only found the
> problem on files which actually have an index, for files without index,
> -idx
> works.) I would like to use mplayer on standalone box (a freevo
> installation), playing as much files as possible without further user
> interaction. So I thought adding -idx all the time helps, which doesn't.
> Regards,
> 	Thorsten
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