[MPlayer-users] -idx, odml and big files

Thorsten Pferdekämper thorsten-mailbox at thorsten-pferdekaemper.de
Thu May 19 21:43:28 CEST 2005

to be able to seek in every file, I'd like to always start mplayer with the 
-idx option. The man page tells me, that this will create an index if there 
is no one found. This does not seem to work for big files produced by newer 
versions (1.0pre7) of mencoder. This applies to movies recorded from TV or 
"fixed" with "mencoder -idx -oac copy -ovc copy".
I thought that would be a problem of big files with odml index in general, so 
I tried that with other big files which caused no problem. 
Back to the mencoder generated files:
Adding more -v to the mplayer command leads to the following output:

ChunkID mismatch! raw=ú·Á idx=00dc
s->pos=1AF3E800  newpos=1AF40800  new_bufpos=1AF40ADC  buflen=0
ChunkID mismatch! raw=éÍvJ idx=00dc
s->pos=1AF41000  newpos=1AF43000  new_bufpos=1AF43100  buflen=0
ChunkID mismatch! raw=Kê idx=00dc
s->pos=1AF43800  newpos=1AF45000  new_bufpos=1AF45744  buflen=0

...and the video never really plays. There is also no sound.
If doing Ctrl-C, it always seem to stop in demux_open.

All this would be no real problem: Just start mplayer without -idx, try if 
seeking is possible, perhaps start mplayer without -idx. (I only found the 
problem on files which actually have an index, for files without index, -idx 
works.) I would like to use mplayer on standalone box (a freevo 
installation), playing as much files as possible without further user 
interaction. So I thought adding -idx all the time helps, which doesn't.


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