[MPlayer-users] Bug Report: MPlayer with Live loses packets during RTP streaming

Debal Mridha debal.mridha at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:38:23 CEST 2005

Hi all,
We streamed MPEG1 movies over RTP using Fenice server and MPlayer with Live 
support as the client. The movies are 2.24 Mbps. In some cases when the 
movie resolution is high (640x480) the picture quality was quite bad. We 
found out that this was not because of network loss but because of packets 
being dropped by MPlayer since the packets did arrive on the machine (as 
found by packet capture). But apparently, during the time MPlayer decodes 
and renders the movie (there are gaps in between consecutive socket reads), 
so many packets arrived on the socket that the UDP buffer overflowed and 
packets were discarded.

 When we resized the movies to a smaller resolution (say 320x240) using 
mencoder and streamed them, there was no packet loss and the movie quality 
was very good.

 Will it require a design change in Live or MPlayer to fix this bug?
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