[MPlayer-users] mencoder compatibility with Windows media player.

Oleynik Phil Oleynik.Phil at mail.ioffe.ru
Wed May 18 19:42:11 CEST 2005

James Courtier-Dutton wrote:

>I have a .VOB file.
>I need to convert it into a format that Windows Media Player can play.
>I tried using mencoder's "msmpeg4" and output to a .avi file, but it failed.
>Can anyone help me convert a .VOB file into a format Windows Media
>Player can play?
>I need to keep the quality as high as possible.
>Has anyone managed to do this?
>Kind Regards
Player is not important, Windows Media or anything else. All you need is 
Try to install FFDshow on Windows. To encode, use libavcodec and mpeg4.
You should get sane output and good quality. You also may try to use XviD,
search "xvid koepi" in google to get windows xvid codec installer.
XviD streams are also player with FFDshow.


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