[MPlayer-users] [Bug] Multi language and Unicode

Rickard Närström rickard.narstrom at gmail.com
Wed May 18 12:55:02 CEST 2005

In Swidish we have tree more letters then english dose letters are åäö -  
my locale is sv_SE.UTF-8 mening that all messages by all aplication  
(including mplayer) shuld be outputed in swedish and encoded with  

The problem is that the output of mplayer isn't encoded using UTF-8 - so  
all letters that aren't in standard ASCII will be corrupted, for the case  
with åäö thay will become a starange letter (depending a littel of font,  
but something like: �) and the next (or next few) letters will diepere.

is: P��jar uppspelning...
Shuld be: påbörgar uppspelning...

is: [AO ARTS] Str� �pnad.
shuld be: [AO ARTS] Ström öppnad.

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