[MPlayer-users] I found why mkv file can't play on MacOSX

Qing Wang wqfrank at 163.com
Sun May 15 08:55:13 CEST 2005

I've found the bug that cause mplayer crashed when play mkv file on  

In source file libmpdemux/demux_mkv.c
in function
static void
handle_realvideo (demuxer_t *demuxer, mkv_track_t *track, uint8_t  
                   uint32_t size, int block_bref)

the following codes will cause wrong value in macosx and make mplayer  

memcpy (dp->buffer + sizeof(*hdr) + isize, buffer, (chunks+1)*8);

i think it is because that the MacOSX system is big-endian and the  
mkv file is created in small-endian system such as windows,linux. So  
when memcpy copy buffer to dp->buffer use bytes copy, the value of  
chunks has changed!

                                 Yours Sincerely
                                      Qing Wang

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