[MPlayer-users] mplayer external vobsubs reset while playing dvd

Fredrik Eriksson feffese at yahoo.se
Sat May 14 23:25:41 CEST 2005

Rich Felker wrote:

>On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 06:22:32PM +0200, Mattias Wernér wrote:
>>Somehow I feel that would be an unelegant solution, and I really want to
>>avoid having to rip the dvd whenever I want to watch it. I have several
>>dvds where I've acquired a different set of subtitles since the original
>>lacks a track (mainly japanese films, Kurosawa anyone?).
>>I'm not a programmer so I won't even begin to try to elaborate on a
>>solution, but I find it a bit peculiar that mplayer relies on internal
>>timestamps in the film with external subs...  maybe I've just
>>misunderstood the inner workings of this process.
>>Anyhow, is this something that's bound to be looked on in the near
>>future? Or am I stuck with keeping my windows-partition for this use?
>>I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm whining. I adore this application and if
>>it weren't for this issue I'd be more or less married to it.
>There's no solution in the immediate future. Blame it on DVDs for the
>idiotic timestamp reset, but there's currently no way for MPlayer to
>know the "actual time" in the movie.. :(
>I would recommend ripping your DVDs anyway. There are plenty of other
>errors you can fix too in the process, like black borders, noise,
>telecine, etc.
I'm not sure this is related, but when I rip my movies with vobsubs I
mux them together to a mkv file, mkvmerge gives me warnings about the
timestamps could be wrong, but when I play it, the subtitles are just
fine. I havn't tried to view stand alone subtitles though. So it might
be that mkvmerge fixes the broken timestamps. you can always give it a try.

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