[MPlayer-users] [mplayer bug report] a/v sync problem in RealVideo file (solved)

Vladislav Naumov vnaum at inbox.ru
Fri May 13 07:39:33 CEST 2005

Giacomo Comes wrote:
> On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 10:18:28AM +0700, Vladislav Naumov wrote:
>>a/v sync problem in RealVideo file
>>  a/v delay grows steadily in this short RealVideo cartoon, reaching
>>(unacceptable) ~2 seconds.
> I have seen this with many Real files.
> Solution: add -mc .1 (or a bigger value) to the command line.
> Giacomo

Thank you, Giacomo!
"-mc .1" works very well!
Does it have some drawbacks or I can safely add it to my ~/.mplayer/config?

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