[MPlayer-users] how to install codecs?

benjamin yau yaucwb at homemail.com.au
Wed May 4 12:53:35 CEST 2005

>Does mplayer use separate codecs for the audio and
>video portions?
>Because I am unable to hear the audio although I can
>see the video.

Yes and No, some are and some ain't.  do you have more info on the video file?

>What directory do the codecs go into?  I thought it
>was /usr/lib/win32, but that directory doesn't exist
>on my debian system.  

It is now, /usr/local/lib/codecs.

>I used apt-get to install kplayer and mplayer-mozilla
>- maybe I need to apt-get a codecs package also?

Not sure if there is a codecs package.  Rather, you can download 
essential or all codecs package directly from the website or the mirror.

BTW, the answers to your questions should be in the readme/install files of the kplayer/mplayer package.


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