[MPlayer-users] Strange problem with self-recorded AVI file.

Vladimir Mosgalin mosgalin at VM10124.spb.edu
Wed Mar 30 08:17:37 CEST 2005

Hi Rainer Hantsch!

 On 2005.03.30 at 08:28:08 +0200, Rainer Hantsch wrote next:

> I am recording a TV series with mencoder and I am using the same script since
> a very long time (and it actually works).
> Now I see that the last recording has no index (or a broken one).
> Playing it with xine results in endless waiting (because xine searches the
> whole file for an index or silently rebuilds one), while mplayer plays it from
> beginning.
> With option "-idx" I am also able to position again in the file, but I see
> developing the new picture from multiple tiles when I jump to some location.
> Other files with good index do not have this phenomen.
> The file is only ~800MB in size and there is plenty of disk space, so it
> cannot have been caused by a hard abort because of a full disk, which would
> explain the result.
> I remember that this is a typical effect whenever(!) I am forced to rebuild
> the index.

Unfortunately, mplayer (and mencoder) can't rebuild index for some files
correctly, and marks wrong frames as keyframes - that "tiles" effect on
seeking is the result. You should probably try cvs version (maybe it
will work better), and "mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy -forceidx" may also

If not, there are two good solutions to fix the index: avidemux2 &
virtualdub (and its descendants).
Classic Virtualdub runs without problems under wine and always rebuilds
index correctly, but screws up files with vbr audio a bit (though you
can fix this later) and is very slow. Avidemux2 probably will work too,
but I'm not completely sure about it - check it for yourself (but use
latest version).
If you have used virtualdub, you can use avimerge tool from transcode to
fix vbr audio sync.



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