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John McKee jmmckee at flinthills.com
Sun Mar 27 20:38:07 CEST 2005

faxmodem at free.fr wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 02:26:57PM -0600, John McKee wrote:
> > I thought that all that needed to be done was specifify in the Helper applications the information needed to activate the mplayer plugin.  As I said, I can play the same stream when I pass the URL as a parameter to mplayer.  This is not to say that I know how mozilla handles this internally.
> The point is, you're talking about a helper application.
> As Kevin pointed out, your problem is the site probably points to a URL
> using href="mms://". In that case it's just mozilla doesn't know about
> protocol mms. You can fiddle as much as you want with your MIME types it
> won't work. Mozilla can only call helpers if the document is linked e.g.
> inside an <embed> tag.
> So you'd need to register a new protocol in mozilla. I don't think that's
> possible on a user base. You could check typing "about::config" in your
> address bar though -

I was told by another person how to configure mplayer (or gmplayer) to handle mms.  It does not require the mplayerplug-in.

You are on the right track with about:config.  I just was not comfortable messing with that.

What I was told to do was:

go to about:config
right click somewhere on the main window, choose New->String
for preference name, type network.protocol-handler.app.mms
for the value, type in the path to the executable.

I do not have gmplayer installed, so I used mplayer.  Works fine.  The person who sent me this used gmplayer and he said that mplayer acted strangely on startup.  On my system, two mplayer processes get started when I click the link, and there is a noticeable lag before the stream starts,
probably due to buffering.  So, mitakenly, I clicked the link a second time.  That started a second set of two mplayer processes.  Things get a bit jumbled when the same stream is being played twice, but from slightly different places.

John McKee

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