[MPlayer-users] newer version of ffmpeg code

Nigel Jenkins nigel at nebulus-design.co.uk
Sun Mar 27 20:27:33 CEST 2005


I'm trying to rip DVD's and movie files to the mp4 format that the Sony 
PSP uses, I've had some success using ffmpeg and I'd really like to be 
able to use mencoder to do this in a single step (I'm using mencoder to 
rip the DVD to disk then ffmpeg to make the special PSP mpeg4 file)

It looks like MPlayer is using an older version of the ffmpeg libraries 
that doesn't have the code that can write out PSP files.
Is this correct?

Is there any chance of the ffmpeg code used by mplayer getting upgraded, 
is it something that is relatively easy to do?



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