[MPlayer-users] weird color bug in -mf, cvs version

Brian Craft bcboy at thecraftstudio.com
Sun Mar 27 10:34:08 CEST 2005

Hello -- I'm seeing a very weird color artifact on some frames read
with -mf. I copied the last frame of the sequence, added some text to
the copy, and then copied it about 10 more times (just so the frame
sits on screen for a few moments).

Playing it back with -mf, the 10 identical frames have some sort of
flashing color thing going on. It's pretty odd.

Running the attached script will download the two frames and copy
the 2nd one 9 times. If you then run mplayer on 1) just the identical
frames, and 2) all of the frames, you (hopefully) will see the flashing.

The color seems to shift up by half a frame, creating a ghost image of
the lower half of the frame. The lower half of the image is left without
color. This alternates with every frame, which creates the flash.

I would suspect a video driver problem, except it happens with "-vo x11"
and "-vo xv", AND it shows up in video created with mencoder. This is
all with a cvs build as of yesterday.

btw, no editorial comments on the video content, please. ;)

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wget http://thecraftstudio.com/bcboy/a.jpg
wget http://thecraftstudio.com/bcboy/b.jpg
let i=1;
while [ $i -lt 10 ]; do
    cp b.jpg b$i.jpg;
    let i=$i+1;
echo -e "Now try \n\tmplayer mf://'b?.jpg' -mf type=jpeg -vf scale=768:576"
echo -e "and\n\tmplayer mf://'*.jpg' -mf type=jpeg -vf scale=768:576"

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