[MPlayer-users] Installing/configuring mplayer plugin

John McKee jmmckee at flinthills.com
Wed Mar 23 21:26:57 CET 2005

I thought that all that needed to be done was specifify in the Helper applications the information needed to activate the mplayer plugin.  As I said, I can play the same stream when I pass the URL as a parameter to mplayer.  This is not to say that I know how mozilla handles this internally.

John McKee

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The mms protocol handler for mozilla has not be written. That is why you are 
getting that error.


On Wednesday 23 March 2005 11:52 am, John McKee wrote:
> I installed the mplayer plugin, following the normal install procedures. 
> The plugin works.  I cannot recall the MIME type that I have used it
> successfully on.
> However, when I attempt to play the streams from www.paulharvey.com, I
> receive a message box stating that mms is an unknown protocol.
> When I supply the URL to mplayer, it plays the stream perfectly.  I am
> thinking that this is a matter of entering the MIME type information.  But,
> I do not know what should be entered.
> Can somebody please help me?
> John McKee
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