[MPlayer-users] Mplayer should not stop on disconnect

Jesper Weiland mplayer at xsdenied.nl
Tue Mar 22 00:17:17 CET 2005

Hi Guys,

I've build an setup that uses mplayer output (I play streams) in PCM 
format to stream it to a fifo and darkice. That works fine, except of 
one thing.

When a stream (none in particular) gives no data for a short time, 
mplayer just stops. Is there an option to let it rebuffer like every 
mediaplayer does? I've asked this before, and somebody told me to use a 
perl loop. I hope there's a better option now. Does anybody have a clue?

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Jesper Weiland

Servicez.org Hosting
Koopmanslaan 3
7005 BK Doetinchem

E: Jesper at exonet.nl
T: 0314-373687
F: 0314-373688

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