[MPlayer-users] Reducing FPS?

Hans-Carl Oberdalhoff hco at gmx.de
Sat Mar 19 18:25:49 CET 2005

> > mencoder -o test.avi -nosound -noskip -fps 50 -ofps 25 -oac copy -ovc
> > lavc -lavcopts
> > odec=mpeg4:trell:v4mv:vhq:vqmin=2:vqmax=20:vmax_b_frames=2:aspect=4/3:vbi
> >trate=1800 -vf crop=704:568,scale=704:396,denoise3d -sws 2 movie.mpg
> Ok, looks like the problem had something to do with frameno.avi for audio.
> After removing frameno, mencoder is now encoding at the correct rate... but
> the video is now very jerky.


try using "-oac copy" instead of "-nosound". "-nosound" sometimes breaks sync 
and such stuff.

If your video gets jerky, maybe not exactly every second frame is dropped. You 
can try to play around with the "decimate" filter. (never tried it yet, dunno 
if it is usefull *shrug*)

btw, are you sure that your video is completely progressive?

btw, the "noskip" option should not be needed for mencoder.

again, hope this helps :)

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