[MPlayer-users] Gentoo : How to emerge mplayer with directfb support

Alejandro Nova novaasc at vtr.net
Fri Mar 18 18:34:15 CET 2005

Peace Monk escribió:

>Hello, I am using gentoo (newbie) and would like to re emerge mplayer
>with directfb and fb support.  My current mplayer does not support
>these.  Is there an easy way to tell emerge to add directfb and fb
>support during compile?
>Thank you!
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I recommend you to try ufed, the USE flags editor for Gentoo. Install it 
#emerge ufed
After that, run ufed as root and ufed will show you a list with the 
available USE flags and will add them to your /etc/make.conf, the file 
where they are in your system.
I'm telling you about this because the MPlayer install procedure in 
Gentoo is somewhat different than a normal Linux distro. You MUST 
configure your processor-specific features as USE flags (e.g. if your 
processor supports MMX and SSE you must have the mmx and sse USE flags 
enabled) and, as you can guess after this explanation, all the 
additional features for MPlayer in Gentoo are USE flags. In your case, 
if you want, for instance, use DirectFB, you must set the directfb USE 
flag in /etc/make.conf. ufed is an easy way to do it. (After that, you 
can further optimize your MPlayer setup setting the appropiate USE 
flags, with ufed)

Alejandro Nova.

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