[MPlayer-users] Accelerated video without X

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Thu Mar 17 02:30:36 CET 2005

D Richard Felker III wrote:

>Use vidix. See the documentation. It's possible, albeit a little
>difficult, to get it working without root permissions. You have to
>setup svgalib_helper. Sometime when I have extra time on my hands, I'm
>going to try improving this situation.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting anything but plain VESA working....

mplayer -vo vesa works fine.
mplayer -vo svga:XX acts as if the vsync is whacked; sound plays fine, 
but the image is flickering.  Different values for XX will cause 
different ways of flicker; the best I can get is vertical scrolling.
mplayer -vo vidix fails with can't initialize vo device.
mplayer -vo vesa:vidix fails with can't initialize vo device.
mplayer -vo svga:vidix segfaults.

I am using mplayer from CVS from December.  Time for a new tarball?  I 
am using i810 chipset, too, not directly supported by some of these drivers.

So, is there a HOWTO somewhere for a non-X installation?


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