[MPlayer-users] Detected unknown aspect_ratio_information

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Sat Mar 12 10:10:44 CET 2005

Vladimir Mosgalin wrote:

>A friend gave me mpeg2 file which mplayer plays back with wrong aspect
>ratio. It was ripped from 480x480 NTSC SVCD, the correct aspect ratio
>should be 4/3, however mplayer sets 1:1 aspect and prints this message
>upon playback:
>Detected unknown aspect_ratio_information in mpeg sequence header.
>Please report the aspect value (14) along with the movie type
>(VGA,PAL,NTSC,SECAM) and the movie resolution

in mpeg2, if coupled with a sequence_display_extension, identifies an 
extended A/R
that permits to identify  some more num/den value. I wonder if some 
program exists that
respects them

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