[MPlayer-users] MPlayer won't install right

Ivo ivop at euronet.nl
Sat Mar 12 02:59:51 CET 2005

On Saturday 12 March 2005 01:08, Kichigai Mentat wrote:
> But, when I try to run MPlayer, I get this:
> Tenshi:/Users/ivan/Downloads/MPlayer-1.0pre6a root# mplayer -v
> MPlayer dev-CVS-030914-12:11-3.1 (C) 2000-2003 MPlayer Team
> That version was installed before, and is not the version I want to
> use. I'm running Mac OS X 10.3.8 if that is an issue. I've never had
> this problem vefore.

You probably have an mplayer binary in /usr/bin or something. At least in a 
directory that comes earlier in your path.


/usr/local/bin/mplayer		# this should run the new version
which mplayer			# prints path of old binary
rm -i `which mplayer`		# remove that one
mplayer				# should run the new version


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