[MPlayer-users] subtitle problems

MJH mjhlists-mplayer at liminalflux.net
Thu Mar 10 01:43:11 CET 2005

I've been running the CVS version of mplayer for a while (alternating with the 
package for Mdk 10.1) as it often has the bugs fixed before I can report 
them. :) 

However, as of about a month ago I've been having problems with subtitles not 
showing up on almost every DVD (both with mplayer and mencoder). There have 
been a couple of exceptions, which means it's not entirely broken, but it's 
very frustrating as I don't speak enough japanese to watch anime without the 
subtitles. (It's not just anime I see the problem on though).

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions as to where to start 
debugging? (I don't know the codebase at all yet).

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